Ahava Mineral Body Lotion Sea Kissed 250ml



  • Absorbent, scented cream that quickly nourishes dry skin
  • Refreshing Sea-Kissed scent
  • Helps maintain healthy, hydrated skin that lasts all day
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AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion Sea Kissed 250ml

Treat yourself to a light but luxuriously rich AHAVA mineral body lotion that helps nourish itchy, dry skin and maintain softness. Best-selling formula absorbs quickly without feeling greasy or sticky and is made with nutrient-rich Dead Sea water, aloe vera and smoothing Witch Hazel.

  • Replenish skin with 21 essential minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium
  • Refreshing Sea-Kissed scent
  • Formulated for daily use, to elevate and lock in skin’s moisture

How to use:
Apply liberally on clean skin after bath or shower.

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