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The Dead Sea is a natural geological wonder at the lowest point in the world some 420 meters below sea level – a breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful place, filled with the contrasts that only Mother Nature can create. AHAVA was founded more than 23 years ago by three kibbutzim who live and work on the shores of the Dead Sea. For generations, people looking to boost their skin have been visiting the Dead Sea region. The founders of Dead Sea Laboratories noted that visitors took mud and water home to enjoy these properties further.

In 1988 the group started the mineral skincare brand AHAVA (LOVE IN HEBREW), driven by their love for the region and with a deep passion to bring its mysteries to light: an oasis in the middle of the wilderness, an unique lake and muddy banks that contain the highest concentration of hydrating minerals in the world, water filled with a unique aging-retarding algae and calming plants that grow in the driest desert environment.

AHAVA continues to explore the powerful effects of its mineral deposits on skin renewal for over 20 years. Combining these natural skin-replenishing resources into the finest Dead Sea facial and body care products remains a labor of love for us. They gathered the best of what the Dead Sea ingredients have to offer and created Osmoterâ„¢ – a perfectly balanced mineral extract created by a natural evaporation process, the power behind our full range. It is the means of promoting the skin’s natural hydration, giving it elasticity and bringing out its natural beauty. Above all, it is an experience that says my skin is reborn.

Over the years, AHAVA has built a unique identity that is synonymous with the richness, purity and natural goodness of this mineral-rich sea. Thanks to continuous effort, this company has rightfully earned the reputation of an advanced Dead Sea brand.

AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories is the only cosmetics company physically located on the shores of the Dead Sea. The production and Research and Development departments are located in this factory, which has an ISO 9001 certificate since 1994. The factory maintains an optimal quality assurance policy, collaborates on a regular basis with the most important Research and Development institutes in Israel and abroad and the products are subject to the strictest standards. All products are allergy tested and passed several inspections and clinical studies. These studies, carried out by external laboratories, reflect both the high quality and the efficiency of the products (ex. in reducing wrinkles and slowing down skin aging).




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