Ahava Clineral PSO Joint Skin Cream 75ml

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  • Extra-rich textured cream deeply hydrates dry joints
  • Helps reduce dryness and flaking on elbows, knees, fingers and wrists
  • Use daily to reduce irritation and itchiness
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AHAVA Clineral PSO Joint Skin Cream

Relieve dry, itchy, irritated joints with our specially formulated mineral-based Clineral PSO Joint Skin body cream. Ultra-rich, textured cream absorbs to help smooth rough skin, and calm itchiness and discomfort. Apply as needed daily.

  • Helps hydrate skin deeply and supports a healthy skin moisture barrier
  • Use daily to reduce irritation, redness and dryness
  • Therapeutic Dead Sea mud helps reduce inflammation

How to use:
Evenly massage into joint skin (elbows, knees, fingers and wrists), once or twice daily, until fully absorbed. Application regimen can be increased as needed.

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